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Dear Bad Düben citizens, dear guests,

As mayor of the spa town Bad Düben I am pleased to welcome you to our website. You are interested in our town and we are glad to perform our town to you. The Internet builds virtual bridges to other people, to whom one would otherwise never have come into contact and this makes the world seem small.  Horst Graf Yoster

So it is on this website. We would like you to take a virtual tour of our town, get to know our businessmen. Here you can find more information for builders, entrepreneurs, investors or tourists and excursionist, art and culture enthusiast, sports enthusiasts and visitors. The homepage also contains the current events calendar, local laws, as well as information about city council and city council meetings. Use the link "Nachschlagewerk" and find a helpful guide to our city. The Mayor’s Office administrative  and me personally are glad to help you with advice. Our goal is to make our website informative and easy to navigate. We would appreciate any comments and suggestions that will help us to enhance the website of the city of Bad Düben. The best way to get to know us and Bad Düben is to visit our city. True to the motto "Here lives the Düben Heath"!

Sincerely yours

Astrid Münster


Tourist Information Bad Düben - Guest Information Nature Park Düben Heath

We wish you a pleasant stay in Bad Düben. Here you will find lots of great information and tips on visiting our city. We have done the research for you so you can just enjoy your trip!

The touristic information office can provide specific information about your stay. Our friendly staff of the club Dübener Heide e.V. and seasonal employees can offer helpful advice on traveler information to help you make the most of yours trip to Bad Düben.

We are here for you

April – October

Monday - Friday: 10am - 5pm

Saturday: 10am - 4pm

Every first Sunday of the month 10am – 4pm

November – March

Monday - Friday: 10am - 4pm

Saturday: 10am – 1pm

In the framework of the campaign "We are Tourism" our Country Tourism Association (Landestourismusverband) released a film about touristic industry in Saxony. Bad Düben was chosen to present Saxon tourismus. Get to know us and our facilities in moving pictures. Tourist information in the Nature Park House.

Route description: City ring tour Bad Düben (Stadtring)

Walking length: ca. 7 km (ca. 2 hours walking time)

Start: Bahnhofstraße/Torgauer Straße

The route leads around the city. You can find some sightseeing outside the city. The tour is a small exploration tour with views of the nearby moorland and the extensive Mulde moors with the new boat dock built in 2016.

Route description: Forest route (Waldhofweg)

Walking length: ca. 9 km (ca. 3 hours walking time)

Start: Bahnhofsraße/Torgauer Straße

The forest route is a circular route. It crosses parts of the town and leads in the direction of Authausen along the Tiglitzer Forest through open landscapes.

Route description: Kohlhase route (Kohlhaasweg)

Walking length: ca. 10 km (ca. 3hours 30 min walking time)

Start: Bahnhofsraße/Torgauer Straße

The Kohlhase route is a beautiful circular route through the Mulde moors, it is dedicated to the regional historical events about the commercial buyer Hans Kohlhase.

Route description: Red Shore (zum Roten Ufer)

Start: Bitterfelder Straße

Walking length: ca. 4 km

Route description: Healthy fountain route (zum Gesundbrunnen)

Start: Parking spot, Spa area, idyllic watermill (Obermühle)

Walking length: ca. 7 km

Route description: Hiking as therapy

Start: Parking spot, Spa area

Along the hiking trails you can explore cultural-historical facilities such as mill and spa park as well as beautiful landscape. The Düben Heath has ferruginous springs. One of the hiking trails leads to the mineral spring. Here you can find well-equipped and bioclimatic varied conditions for terrain therapy. The city offers the ideal prerequisites for this with its five designated terraced paths in the spa park and the environs.

Hiking spots

The Bad Düben moor mud baths (ca. 100 meters above sea level) are located in the northern part of Saxony on the edge of the Düben Heath and the Mulde river valley. The terrain is characterized by almost constant height with slight peaks. On the Mulde river valley there are steep cliffs. From this point you can have a nice view on the Red Shore and Alum factory. Large forest areas are typical landscape feature in the north of the Düben Heath. In the south of the spa town, there tend to be large agricultural meadows. The forest area covers the region, some areas are covered with green grass. There are many streams such as Schleifbach and Hammerbach. They flow near the Mulde river and make a landscape impression. Along the hiking trails you can explore cultural-historical facilities such as mill and spa park as well as beautiful landscape. The Düben Heath has ferruginous springs. One of the hiking trails leads to the mineral spring. Here you can find well-equipped and bioclimatic varied conditions for terrain therapy.

Hiking as therapy

The classic hiking trail is a special type of the hiking therapy in Bad Düben moor mud baths. It distinguishes itself through performance-oriented load, full-body training, open-air stay, landscape experience. It is carried out by normal or speedy walking. Hiking therapy regulates vegetative functions of the organism. The cardiovascular system works economically, the breathing activity is stimulated, muscles, joints and ligaments are strengthened. The metabolism is positively influenced, the digestive system is activated, the calorie consumption noticeably increases. Hiking is a powerful workout for people with heart disease. Terraced paths of the Bad Düben moor mud baths provide many ways with different performance requirements. The small-scale conditions (relief, forest etc.) make it possible to adapt to the thermal reactivity according to the weather conditions and to prevent a circulatory load due to overheating. The terraced paths are classified according to the performance categories as the legend and can be found on the map.

The Düben Heath Nature Park is a range of specially selected attractions for nature travelers and great place to stay for citizens.

The Bad Düben town is a gate to the Nature Park Düben Heath (Naturpark Dübener Heide). The park was named after the town. The park covers about 770 square kilometers and is bounded by Elbe and Mulde rivers. Here you can find many health spas and learn more about wildlife. The chance to see wildlife is one of the most exciting things about visiting the Nature Park. One of the best way to explore the natural beauty of the park is on foot or by bicycle, allowing you to take your time, observe wildlife and enjoy the nature. The new Nature Park House presents a multimedia exhibition focused on wildlife, civic engagement and climate change.


Clock strikes different here!

You can discover that not only on the town hall clock.  Two goats bump each others‘ head as the clock strikes every hour. Downtown Bad Düben also has a variety of restaurants, cafes and unique shops. Here you can enjoy your meal, make a sport travel, learn more about old craftsmanship of the mill farm, or weigh a beaver. Let the spa town surprise you! Welcome to our town!


Düben Castle

As the town is named after this castle, it’s the Bad Düben’s landmark. Since 1953 the castle is home to an outstanding local history collection, documenting the history of the town Bad Düben. Sixteen castle rooms preserve and share with visitors the special collection of artifacts for the interpretation of the history of Bad Düben and Düben Heath.


Here it turns!

The Düben windmill and the oldest watermill in the region are located at the Museum Village. Two of the five town mills have been restored. The mills village visitors can explore farming techniques and historical crafts.




Immerse yourself in Saxony's great wellness world and let yourself be pampered from head to toe in the diverse bathing landscape and sauna world of the Heide Spa. 32 degrees C warm water, various indoor and outdoor pools, whirlpools, flow channel, sauna world with 5 different saunas, massages, natural baths, various fitness and health classes for recreation, relaxation and regeneration of mind and body. The wellness and recreation center includes a 4-star superior hotel with 150 beds.

You can reach the individual wellness and adventure areas directly from the room via a bathrobe.


Rehabilitation Center (Reha-Zentrum) and Clinic (Waldkrankenhaus)

The Rehabilitation Center provides rehabilitation services to patients with cardiological, neurological and orthopedic-rheumatic diseases. The treatment is best served in the inpatient or outpatient setting.

The Clinic for orthopedics is a state-of-the-art 125-bed, inpatient physical rehabilitation facility and the most powerful orthopedic clinics in Germany. The Clinic’s specialists treat a wide range of orthopedic conditions.



The Spa Park (Kurpark)

The idyllic Spa Park was created in 1846 as one of the first citizens' parks in Germany. The rhododendron blooming season makes the park a sea of colors. Its stately tree surrounding Rehabilitation Center and Clinic. Barefoot trail, Moorish garden, therapeutic facilities and designed facilities tempt you to stroll.


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